What people say about us and our service at AgedCare.

” We, being a nuclear family, and I working abroad, was bit concerned about the loneliness and well being of my father, after the loss of my mother in 2016. It was then, we learned about the services offered by Signature Foundation.

My father undertook a short stay of one month there, to experience the lifestyle there and he was quite happy with the care and attention received there. He was quite happy talking and sharing the experiences and being with the same age group. Moreover the medical attention and care extended there was found to be tailored to suit each inmate and much better than that we can provide at home, considering the practical difficulties that we were already aware of while taking care of my mother at home, even with the support of home nurses.

The professional care, homely atmosphere, security and the support extended to the elders on their needs and necessities by the Signature Foundation deserves special mention. The friendly staff there is a real blessing and we are thankful to them, who takes care of my father with all attention to his daily medical and non-medical routines.

The track of the medical attention, the transparency and clarity of the activities and processes, that the management here extends has helped me to manage the situation remotely from abroad, with peace of mind. Extending my personal gratitude to the entire team at Signature Agedcare.

Wish you the best in the coming years and may God shower his blessings on this noble cause. ”

Jivan Antony Alookaran

Ph: +65 94260026

” We have been associated with Signature Foundation for more than one and half years. We are extremely pleased by the way in which the wards and my Sister are being taken care.  Inmates enjoy individual attention and are treated more like family members.

All credits to the team members and the leadership of Signature Foundation. ”

Manju S

Ph: +91 9447247207

” I have no hesitation in saying that Signature Aged Care, Vennala is the very best in the area. I visited many facilities over the last three years within 2 to 3 hours drive from Ernakulam, before deciding where I would admit my 92 year old aging mother should the need arise. And it did. My mother got a stroke and was not conscious for a good part of her last few weeks. The Home has very clean and airy facilities, excellent nurses , and a doctor on call . The management is easy to communicate with, which was very important to me as I live in the US. My  mother got excellent personal and very professional treatment at the Home. The hygiene care, oxygen requirements, and medicine dispensing tasks were very professionally and diligently dealt with. In fact, my husband and I are convinced the nature of the care she received would be hard to replicate in the US. I will always be very grateful to the staff of the Home for their  help in making my mother's last few days peaceful and comfortable. ”

Ritha Khemani

Washington DC, USA

” My father is currently at Signature Foundation after he had a pace maker implant. I would not have been able to provide the quality care which he receives at Signature Foundation. Food is good; fosters a feeling of togetherness & sharing amongst those with relatively good health , it encourages others too. ”

Annie Cherian

Ph: +91 9495965744

” Signature AgedCare impresses me on the following three counts - 1) Cleanliness of the rooms and surroundings 2) Tasty and nutritious food 3) Good medical services by qualified and experienced medical staff ”

V. Venugopal

Ph: +91 9447172927

” We are much happy & obliged for the love and care Signature AgedCare has given for our mother at the time of her residence there. I would say nursing care was absolutely wonderful. Kudos for your family's dedication in geriatric care. ”

Antony Prakkat

Ph: +91 9048035823

” It is extremely pleasing to see the love and affection in the Signature Foundation – Aged Care premises, where Fiona's mother Lereice Arakal was admitted. From the time we walked in, the entire experience was welcoming and positive wherein the attention to details was taken care by you and your efficient team, leaving us the time to spend time with our family member.

Although she was under Palliative care, the last 3 weeks she spent in Signature Foundation was the most peaceful time in her otherwise painful past 21 months. Even in her demise, you and your team showed so much compassion that I find only very close family members doing so. Such was the natural instinct in all of you to consider and treat every patient as a family is truly remarkable and that struck a major chord with me and Fiona. By the time I could return from my road trip, you single handedly managed the entire arrangements thereby making it less stressful for family members.

We can only say from the bottom of our hearts a big thank you to each and every one in your establishment and really pray for blessings in every way possible to you and the entire family. ”

Fiona & Srikant

Ishka Farms

Ph: +91 9388604434, +91 9388800008

” My mother is currently at Signature recovering from a cerebral surgery. She is being looked after with great expertise, professionalism, love and care by everyone at the centre. During a recent hospital visit her doctors commented that she had improved a lot and looked much better, which is a testimonial of the dedication shown by everyone looking after her. I can confirm my mother is very happy at the centre. Signature Foundation has been a godsend for us. I can never thank them enough. I would not have been able to provide this level of care at home. ”

Vinu Thomas - IT Consultant

IT Consultant

Ph: 00447710301386

” We appreciate the Great Effort by the Team of Signature Care foundation. Our father is an inmate of this care center and We find that He is getting best care from the center. When ever we visit the center we are happy with the centers cleanliness, dedication of staff in caring all of the inmates . We wish the whole team with Showers of Blessings from Almighty. God Bless You all. ”

Shajan Varghese and Geetha Shajan

Ph: 9847057640

” Greetings. Signature Foundation is indeed a God blessed organisation with dedicated management and selfless nursing and supporting staff. Their approach to inmates is something outstanding and worth following by other agencies of similar intentions. I have come to these conclusions because of the way they are taking care of my mother, Smt. Leelakrishnan who is now 89 years old. I wish this organisation all success in there future en devours year and year. ”

Dr. S.K.Nair - Retired Professor and Research coordinator of Kerala Agril. University

Retired Professor and Research coordinator of Kerala Agril. University

Ph: 9447033866

” My father, Mr. N.K.Skaria aged 96 years, bed ridden for few months with bed sore and were hospitalized for two months. We heard about SF and checked their facilities with high satisfaction. I had no second thought and transferred my father to SF. The dedicated sisters took care of our father as their own till his last breath. We highly appreciate SF's dedicated commitments. ”

N.S. John

Ph: 9447140817

” I have great pleasure to express my full appreciation for the excellent and blemish-less services being provided by Signature aged care to the needy elderly dear ones.They have all necessary infrastructure to provide the required helps to the aged.Special mention should be made about the dedicated nursing staff who look after the residents with love and affection. I wish the institution,Mr.Alex and his team all the best.May GOD shower his blessings on them in abundance. ”

Balachandar .K.K

Ph: +91 9496002233

” In an age when life has become so fast-paced and goal oriented, even with the best will in the world, children are no longer able to look after their aged parents and elders. And many of our generation who are growing older by the day, do not want to be a burden on our children but hope to live our lives in a place where they are not circumscribed or circumscribing another's space and time. It was during my desperate search for such a place for a dear one, that I came to know about Signature. I am so happy we decided to take her to Signature. The sincere care and warm affection that the staff at Signature shower on its inmates is incredible. And therefore, miracles still happen. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone at Signature and I wish them every success. Catherine Thankamma. ”

Dr. Catherine Thankamma - Retired professor

Retired professor

Ph: 9446803273


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